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Updated Civil Code of Nicaragua

In addition, in the cases of Article 6, it shall be preceded by the simple complaint of the offended party, and in the cases of Article 7, criminal action may only be initiated at the request of the competent bodies.

In cases of omission, who does not possess the capacity to understand the illicit nature of the act or to determine himself in accordance with such understanding, due to mental illness or serious disturbance of conscience, whether or not caused by the accidental or involuntary use of alcoholic beverages or enervating substances.

The same applies to anyone who, as a result of the causes referred to in the preceding article, only incompletely possesses, at the time of the act or omission, the capacity to understand the unlawful nature of the act or to be determined in accordance with that understanding.

The judge shall have the power to agree on a term or to authorize the payment of the fine in installments, provided that the fine is guaranteed by real or personal sureties; the judge shall have the power to prudentially dispense with such guarantees.

Age of majority in nicaragua civil code

Dismissal is an unpleasant situation that usually occurs in all types of companies. It represents the end of the labor relationship between an employee and an employer. For both there are consequences: the employee loses his job and with it all the benefits associated with it; the employer must assume his obligations, among them, the liquidation for unjustified dismissal.

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Of course, not every termination of employment is subject to a severance payment under Mexican federal law. As stated in Article 46 of the law: “The employee or the employer may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for just cause, without incurring liability”.

When is the severance payment due in Mexico? When the employment relationship is terminated by the unilateral will of the employer. For this purpose, it is verified that the dismissal is not due to any of the causes for termination set forth in the Federal Labor Law.

If the reason for the termination of the labor relationship by the employer is not contained in Article 47, then the employee may claim the payment of a severance payment for unjustified dismissal. But these are not all the situations for which the payment of severance may proceed.

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Art. 1.- The law is a declaration of the sovereign will which, manifested in the form prescribed by the Constitution, commands, prohibits or permits.Art. 2.- Custom does not constitute law except in those cases in which the law refers to it.Art. 3.- Only the legislator is responsible for explaining or interpreting the law in a generally binding manner. The authentic interpretation of the Constitution and of the constitutive laws, in order to be obligatory, must be made in the manner established in Articles 148 and 149 of the Constitution.Art. 4.- The provisions contained in the Commercial, Mining, Army and Navy Codes and other special codes shall be applied in preference to those of this Code. The Supreme Court of Justice, in use of the initiative of law granted to it by the Constitution, shall report to the Legislative Body in each of its ordinary sessions, the doubts and difficulties that have occurred in the understanding and application of the laws and the gaps it has noticed in them, proposing the corresponding bills.

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Según las últimas encuestas, el desempleo en la eurozona ha subido a un nivel récord del 12%. La crisis económica y la correspondiente política de medidas de austeridad empeoran aún más la situación. Es como si no hubiera una estrategia o un esfuerzo para combinar la responsabilidad fiscal a largo plazo con la inversión en crecimiento y empleo.

¿Tiene la Comisión la voluntad de tomar medidas concretas para encontrar alternativas que puedan ser beneficiosas y que contribuyan a una política económicamente sensata y socialmente equilibrada destinada a reducir la deuda y a disminuir la elevada tasa de desempleo?

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El informe de la Comisión sobre la situación social y del empleo en la UE afirma que “la diferencia de la tasa de desempleo entre el sur/periferia y el norte de la zona del euro alcanzó un nivel sin precedentes de 10 puntos porcentuales en 2012”;

El mismo informe también menciona que “la restricción de los presupuestos públicos ha afectado negativamente al empleo, tanto directamente, a través de la reducción del empleo en el sector público, como indirectamente, a través de la disminución de la demanda macroeconómica agregada”;

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